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Calling all botanists, horticulturists & amateur gardeners

Join Historic Whidbey for a double-header program at the Coupeville Public Library, 788 NW Alexander St. Thursday, August 11th at 7:00 p.m.
Admission is free. Details here.

Haller House gets reprieve: Late donation opens doors for grant opportunity

Read the article at The Whidbey Examiner and then pledge here to the Territorial Heritage Center fund and help us buy the Haller House.

Snatching Whidbey’s Heritage from the Jaws of Oblivion – One Treasure at a Time.

Historic Preservation is more than just freezing architecture in time.

It means rescuing our region’s fading stories of origin.

Each historic house threshold leads into a theater, where the dreams, heartbreaks and dramas of those who founded our community are revealed to us.

Take a moment to learn about the vision of Historic Whidbey’s inaugural project – the Haller House Territorial Heritage Center.

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