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Our Prospects for 2018

As we mentioned in our last communique in October, Historic Whidbey continues to wait upon the participation of the National Park Service as partners in the acquisition and preservation of the 1866 Granville & Henrietta Haller House on Coupeville's historic Front Street.

As we speak, the Park Service is finalizing the appraisal process, establishing the final valuation of the parcels of land that make up the Haller House property. (See box below for proposal details.) We anticipate this process culminating early in the new year, and hope to see an offer made to the current owners shortly thereafter.

With good karma, it will lead to a successful agreement and a happy outcome for our five-year campaign!

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters through this glacial and grueling process. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of our wonderful community. We will let you know the very instant we have news to share.

Meanwhile, the Historic Whidbey Board of Directors wishes you the very happiest holiday season and health and prosperity in the coming year.

Please feel free to contact Lynn Hyde with any questions or concerns you may have about this process. (206) 619-4427 or

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Proposed partnership between the National Park Service & Historic Whidbey

  1. NPS offers to purchase the waterfront parcel on the north side of Front Street outright.
  2. NPS offers to purchase a preservation easement on the house and house lot that places restrictions on future development. This will insure that the historic character of the house & grounds is preserved, AND it will lower the market value of the site so that Historic Whidbey can afford to purchase it.

Heritage Center

Don't Miss the Coupeville Caroling Contest this Saturday, December 23rd, from 1-2!

The celestial Saratoga Sirens are competing on behalf of Historic Whidbey and the Haller House, so come support these lovely ladies AND the Haller House!

for more info on the contest, visit

Snatching Whidbey’s Heritage from the Jaws of Oblivion – One Treasure at a Time.

Historic Preservation is more than just freezing architecture in time.

It means rescuing our region’s fading stories of origin.

Each historic house threshold leads into a theater, where the dreams, heartbreaks and dramas of those who founded our community are revealed to us.

Take a moment to learn about the vision of Historic Whidbey’s inaugural project – the Haller House Territorial Heritage Center.

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